Gloucestershire Echo Wednesday 21st November – They did Archery Proud!

Thank you to the Echo, they certainly promote local sport and in this issue there were 2 whole pages dedicated to archery, not to mention more pages on the Gloucestershire Sports Media Awards.

Lucy has a full page picture and there was another page featuring the Club and James Lawton. There was also an excellent article on Anthony Wiseman from Fast & Loose who is part of the County Junior Squad.

Dominant Deer Park       James Lawton         Jubilee Pictures (Mel and Liza accepting the Club of the Year Award)

A full page spread!


BBC Points West Sports Unsung Hero 2012

Roger would like to thank all the members of the club and his family for allowing him to share the fantastic journey the club is making and to remind everyone that this award could have only been achieved as part of a team and what a team we have! The best way of thinking about this award is that it is no different to winning the FA Cup, the team wins it, one individual gets the honour of collecting it on behalf of the team!

Thanks also goes to our partners, Archery GB and in particular the Development Group, Active Gloucestershire our CSP (Community Sports Partnership) and of course all the schools and communities we are fortunate to work with.


Roger Interview


For more information see the following links;

BBC News

Archery GB News

With the British Indoor Championships fast approaching we now need to get back to what we are good at and support all those that will be flying the Deer Park Banner!


Practice Sessions


Birdlip, Shurdington as usual.


Kingshill as usual on the 21st November, however NOT available on the 28th November.


Hatherley & Reddings Cricket Club on 22nd November, however NOT available on the 29th November.


Balcarras, Saturdays 6:30 to 9pm as usual.


Balcarras, Sundays 25th 9:30 to 1pm, open practice session but there will be no coaches present as it is the County Coaching AGM. Sunday 2nd December 9:30 to 1pm.


Other Practice Information


Balcarras Saturday (24th) during the day- County Junior Squad Training covering Sports Psychology (External Speaker) including managing expectations, coping strategies, goal setting, fitness and conditioning. Technique development and equipment maintenance.


January will see the start of our weekly fitness and conditioning programme and a workshop on nutrition.



Final reminder all members welcome. Take that big step to becoming independent and getting the most out of your equipment!



Archery GB Members Modernisation Consultation

The club will prepare a response to the Archery GB paper looking at modernising its membership process. There a lot of good ideas in the proposal and a lot of work has gone into it and we want to make sure we give feedback (Positive and negative if appropriate). These proposals will impact on all of our members so please review the paper and comments to Mary please

See the Archery GB Membership Modernisation Document.


Archery GB Disability Forum

Following attendance at an initial meeting earlier this year to discuss the current provision of support for archers with a range of disabilities Roger & Dave have volunteered to join a newly formed Forum to develop the activities in this area.