Gloucestershire Junior Championships – Another Special Day!

Members broke 2 National Records, produced 2 further scores that equaled National Records and one perfect score resulting in Deer Park walking away winning 24 of the 27 awards!


Almost the perfect day, great weather, great venue, superbly organized, great results with a friendly family atmosphere! Why not the perfect day, well we could have done with a lot more juniors competing and as a County Championships seeing all of the clubs being represented not just a third of the clubs.


Some of our Deer Park Junior Team

First of all the hosts, volunteers and organizers should all be awarded gold medals, everything went smoothly, however we would fail  the healthy eating test, so many delicious cakes it was untrue, and all the bacon butties and egg baps sold out!


Tradition still has a role to play and it was great to see all the Gloucestershire judges supporting the event, the GAS Chairman Mike Addis leading the presentations with the Gentleman Patron, Ken Martin the JIC who supported the event for the previous 30 years! Rob Richardson, the retired County Present also visited.


What often goes unnoticed is that these results are well earned, in the few weeks leading up to the championships our practice sessions have been packed out, coaches working flat out to support the archers and parents making arrangements to ensure the juniors get to practice!


We also used this tournament to see if more of our members could gain Archery GB Progress Awards and 15 members achieved upgrades on what they had already achieved, well done to them.

Full report to follow but highlights included Riley Spencer-Nice (Age 8) breaking the Short Junior National (Under 12) by 70 points, this is Riley’s first National Record and he will now join our Hall of Fame!

Riley, 8 years old breaking an Under 12 National Record! He joins our club Hall of Fame.


Lucy Mason broke another National Record on the Junior National round, dropping just 4 points and beating Steph’s long standing record, well done Lucy!


Callum shot superbly recording 642 to equal the National Record shooting 60/50yds and James Howse recorded a perfect score to equal the National Record!


Chloe Tucker who has only been shooting 6 weeks won the Recurve H2H and Fin Cummins also shooting for 6 weeks and using club equipment finished 2nd in the Compound H2H. Both had completed Xperience Archery Beginners Courses, when they say they will deliver the finished product, they really mean it!


Chloe, won the Head to Head, has been shooting for just 6 weeks!

Well done to Abbie, Austin, Josh and Harry who all won medals despite the heat causing major problems with their kit, they were all struggling to reach the longer distances as the heat was having a major effect on the performance of the Rolan limbs, but all carried on! Austin and Josh won their categories and Harry and Abbie picked up silver medals!