Going Green Project

Our ‘Going Green’ Project is the collective title for our 7 core projects:

Energy Saving, Orchard, Mammal, Bird, Insect, Meadow and Hedging projects.

It also happens to be the the title of the Sport and Recreation Alliance Award that celebrates clubs that are making a commitment towards reducing net emissions and increasing sustainability. Showing a consideration for the footprint we leave behind is arguably the key issue of our lifetime across society and sport.

We are proud to highlight that we were announced as the 2023 winners for our current activities recognising the way we have incorporated all these values into the DNA of our Club! At the same time proving that our athletes can perform at the highest levels, remain cost affordable and provide the best experience we can.

We received the award from the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh at a ceremony at Headingley Stadium together with a cash prize to help us continue our work

Focusing on a range of activities and policies to continue our journey to ‘Go Green’ as we transform our club into a high-class facility, but also enhancing the development of our native flora and fauna.