Inaugural Running Archery Competition a fantastic success! 

Once in a while we get a key milestone event that will be highlighted on our Club History Timeline, this will prove to be one of those events!

We held our first Running Archery ‘Sprint’ event, which challenged archers to run 400m, from a standing position shoot 4 small targets at 18m with 6 arrows, running a penalty 60m lap for each target below the required 4 hits. Then run another 400m before shooting from a kneeling stance, again running any penalty 60m laps before running a further 400m to the finish line!

Dan handing over to Richard in the Pairs event.

We also organised a have-a-go for ‘runners’ that wanted to try running archery and they also competed as novices with adjusted target sizes/shot distances.

There were 3 very well contested, events, women’s, men’s and mixed pairs, unfortunately for some, there were sprint finishes to earn the place medals, a testimony to how competitive the races were with their commitment and agony for all to see!

Exciting course layout!

The event was very exciting, engaged the watching supporters and the entire event took around 4 hours to complete, this is clearly a future if our sport we need to be involved in.

Special mention for Ian Green our primary driver, to Peter Sisson for organisation on the day and to our men-in-sheds for preparing the venue. Also to our judges Adrian and Graham, who like most of us learnt a lot on the day.

Spotters look on to record hits and penalty laps.

A further mention to Dan and Richard for earning bronze in the mixed pairs, Dan for individual bronze and to Ethan Hendry for his amazing performance and winning the Novice section by a massive distance!

Congratulations all round.

We will be organising a club in-house  running event to stimulate further interest and organising some have-a-go sessions with local park runs, local running clubs etc to start the process of producing some champions of tomorrow.

Mixed Pairs Competitors

To see lots more photos click here and here.

Full results can be found here.

Thank you to ArcheryGB for giving us the opportunity to run this event, we are sure it will be the first of many!