Insect Project

We’re facing a global biodiversity crisis, with many species declining at an alarming rate. Recent evidence suggests that insect abundance has declined by 50% or more since 1970.There are over 27,000 species of insect in the UK alone, but this number is declining at an alarming rate. Insects are dying out up to eight times faster than larger animals and now 41% of insect species face extinction.

There is not a part of our natural world that goes by unaffected or untouched by insects.

  • They are essential for pollination: 87% of our plants are pollinated by insects
  • They play a key role in decomposition, breaking down organic matter into healthy and fertile soil. This in turn provides us with flood protection, defence against climate change and food (as we grow our crops in it!)
  • Insects are also vital for our animals, making up the base of our food chain.
  • If we lose insects, we risk our food and wild places too. 

Insect populations can recover rapidly if given the chance and we are taking a range of actions to help.

Our Insect Project is closely linked to several other of our projects particularly the Hedging, Orchard and Meadow Flower Projects. 

In addition we have made numerous bug hotels, created many piles of rotting logs and vegetation. Left areas untouched, encouraged ivy, started to plant up our pond and bog area. We are making lots of progress on removing invasive species and introducing native plants.

Beginning to counter negative perceptions of insects by such activities as Moth identification coffee mornings!