It’s great to be a Deer Park Archer!

Over the past few weeks there have been so many good things happening, so much hard work gone into all these results and such a great membership to enjoy!

In summary (no particular order):

2 new Judges, 2 new L1 Coaches, 2 more members signed up for next L1 Course! 1 started a Level 2 Coaching Course.

Our Annual Record Status Mid-Week Stafford was again full! 2 National records both from our members Riley Spencer-Nice with a score of 697 beating the junior recurve record and closing in on the senior one! Ella Gibson broke the adult Compound Record shooting 691.

Great club coach support for the first tranche of District School Games Finals, both Secondary and Primary Schools. Over 120 schools involved!

A superb Level 3 County Secondary Schools Finals event at Cheltenham College. Very competitive, top 3 teams were all Schools we have supported for some time and two are Satellite Clubs! Well done to Balcarras, Denmark Road and Stroud High!

Some excellent gatherings of members of our Men in Sheds Group, who are not just enjoying the social side but producing some invaluable support to the maintenance of the club! One activity is producing the 3 figure score boards used in head-to-heads, almost as good as the originals but with a final total of over 100 score boards, costing less than a pound each, we are indebted to their efforts! Refurbished trophies, new target face rack, fenders for our short mat bowls project etc!

As our indoor season draws to a conclusion, we live streamed the draw for our Handicap Club Team Championships. The event took place on the afternoon of the 31st March, our last indoor meet. Full range of teams if 4 archers, all bow types, ages, abilities and experience. Incredible format, great fun, not decided until very last arrow! Christmas event already planned.

Winning Team - Well done.

Winning Team – Well done.

We held a working party day at the ground, the response and output was truly amazing, thank you to everyone! New trees planted, more wheeled bosses produced, new notice boards fitted and buildings, main field, field course all cleaned and tidied, temporary access ramp installation made great progress, Men in Sheds workshop fitted out etc. Many other jobs completed as well, well done to everyone.

Our Record Status 2 day 3D field round taking place in June is fully booked!


We have been informed that we are a finalist in the Tesco Bags of Help Grant programme for our ‘Adapted kit Archery area for under 9’s. More details to follow but Voting will take place from Wednesday 1st May 2019 to Sunday 30th June 2019

We have successfully passed the first 2 stages of the Barnwood Trust Community Spaces Capital Grant Fund and have made our final submission to help install a terraced inclusive space area in front of the clubhouse. This is seen at critical to link all our facilities together and provide common social space access for all.

Our first 2 indoor open community shoots have been very successful, promoting our sport, generating beginners course applicants and providing invaluable income to support club development. Also used to provide our candidate coaches with essential experience.

The first 3 cuts of our playing surface which following extensive aeration sessions over the winter is looking great and all our new hedgerows are bursting into life!

The shooting line has been advanced 3m to allow for our proposed terracing in front of the clubhouse and we have gained support from Elliott’s to add a second entrance to our carpark which will avoid transferring occasional mud that can accumulate near our current entrance!

Great news from our Region who are taking positive steps to support clubs developing themselves and our sport. Including supporting in principle a full time club development officer appointment. Further updates as they happen!

To some degree our county are a head of the game, supporting for example 50% of the cost of each club developing 2 coaches, running club development seminars etc. and having a Development Plan to support clubs across the county! This set of objectives is already having a positive impact in a good number of clubs.

Club Socials

Another great Laser Tag evening.


An excellent social and fundraising evening at the races, held in the Hucclecote Centre!

Organising group met earlier this week, immediate events include the following:

Easter Shoot – Good Friday (19th April) 2-4pm at the ground
Includes competitions, Easter Egg Hunt, All ages.

26th April – Junior Fish and Chips evening

Full programme to be issued.

Junior Only Shoots in full swing!


Improving club night experiences!

A few innovations being introduced, including an increasing number of score boards, improved 252 programme, arrow catching net at further distance to reduce collection time (fewer lost arrows!), more wheeled bosses. Improved social spaces.

ClubMark Renewal

Yes, 2 years has past since the last renewal! New submission to be ready before end of April.

Regards ‘The Newsletter Team’.