We are submitting the clothing order on Wednesday this week (13th May).

If you would like be included in this first order for the new kit design please ensure you have placed a cheque for the payment amount in the orange folder (in the black hold-all) marked up “club kit orders” by end of practice TUESDAY 12th May.  Cheques should be made out to “Deer Park Archers Limited”.

Order forms are available in the folder, online via the members -> clothing page or you can submit the items required through this page  Note: unless payment has been received your order will not be placed.

It is possible to order left and right handed tops (it swaps the side the logo is on). If not specified we will assume right handed. Please highlight so where on your order if you require left handed.

Full details and pictures of items, sizes and costs are available on the website (

Many thanks

John & Lynn