Latest News Highlights – June 1st

GB Team announced for the third stage of the Hyundai World Cup in Medellin, Colombia from 13-18 June.

Congratulations to Ella Gibson and Grace Chappell for again being selected for the Ladies Compound Team!

Further details can be found at here.

Grace and Ella

 GB Team announced for the European Youth Cup to be held in Sion, Switzerland from 5-10 June

Congratulations to Riley Spencer-Nice, Chloe A’Bear and Louise Bassett for being selected for the second leg.

Further details can be found here.

Louise and Chloe at a coaching session.

World Archery Youth Championships – 1st – 9th July – Limerick, Ireland 

Team to be announced, we are hopeful that some of our juniors will be selected!

ArcheryGB visit to Deer Park

As a Performance Club we are getting the support from Lloyd Brown and his team, they will be supporting our coaches and archers at one of our Junior Only sessions early in June.

Successful 3D two day field competition at Deer Park

We are pleased that the event was a great success, with record attendances and 2 courses that shot extremely well. We also used our PDA’s for scoring to great effect! Well done to all our volunteers and archers for making it so enjoyable!

Superb Elk Shot!

Junior Only Sessions

Three field archery sessions announced together with some nominated ‘target’ days to add to the diversity of these dedicated coaching sessions.

Solar Panels in full swing!

We have now agreed a Smart Export Guarantee Tariff with British Gas back dated to allow us to be remunerated for every kWh our 66 Solar Edge system exports! We are still working with Eco Energy Environment to allow us to link to the system and show production on our website.

Our innovative system will be a feature in a number of publications, so watch this space. 

One amazing fact provided to us by the Energy Agency and we quote ‘Over the lifetime of the installations, the club’s savings will add up to more than £518,000.’

National Volunteering Week 1 – 7th June

To recognise what our volunteers do for us and to share what we do with other clubs, we have produced a video which is going to be uploaded on YouTube. 

Again one of the amazing facts that has been identified is that we would need just over 5 full time employees to replace just our ‘regular volunteer’ workforce!

Add to this fantastic contribution what our ‘occasional volunteers’ contribute and you begin to appreciate how critical it is to engage volunteers with your club aims!

Perhaps these figures explain why ‘some’ think we are a professional club, we are just a group of volunteers running the club to a high standard! 

Our new Sound System has arrived!

After what seems an eternity we have at long last replaced our existing system with something that will meet our full requirements! Listen out!

Beginners Courses

Next programme starts this Monday 5th June, fully booked for some time. Thank you in advance to all the supporting Coaches.

Open Community have-a-go session in support of ‘Listening Post’.

Runs this Saturday 3rd June afternoon, already fully booked and a waiting list. Future sessions can be booked via the club website but the advice is to book early!


We are hoping to start work on repainting the outside of our Clubhouse this month, will get a little messy at times but it will be worth the hassle!