Mammal Project

Populations of the UK’s most important wildlife have plummeted by an average of 60% since 1970.

The State of Nature report also found that the area inhabited by officially designated “priority species” has shrunk by 27%.

At Deer Park we are home to one of the priority species and we do host 5 different species of bat! We also have a lot of mammal residents that were at home on our land long before we bought it! 

Appointing our own ‘Natural Environment’ Officer was an early step in our plan to ensure we would not only protect the the flora and fauna present but where possible improve it. 

Most of the general benefits supporting our Mammal Project are being derived from our Meadow, Orchard, Insect and Hedging Projects!

Examples of what we are doing with our Mammal Project includes living in harmony with our flourishing badger set by sensitive use of electric fencing, restricting human access to their areas by installing pathways, giving access to areas of our meadows. Tree maintenance recognises our bat population and we have installed multiple bat boxes. Our Insect Project increases the food supply. We have left areas of our woodland completely untouched, providing day time cover for the deer. Leaving 1m strips of untouched cover either side of our hedging provides essential cover.

Our resident mammals include badgers, deer, stoats, foxes, rabbits, moles, field mice, voles, bats and squirrels.