A short video to end 2021

We have been fortunate in 2021 to capture some fantastic moments from a few of our events that showcase our sport, our facility and the experiences we are trying to create. Enjoy!

A short record of our first Junior Masters Tournament.

Take a look at our field course and a few shots from one of our Winter Mini Field League events – this is an open regular shoot open to all ArcheryGB members. The entry process can be accessed via our open event online booking system.

We are fortunate enough to have our own floodlit covered shooting area, and as of December 2021, despite also offering 3 indoor venues, multiple times each week, this is our most popular practice venue! A fun video to capture night shooting!

It is 10 years since we were voted the best Sports Club in Great Britain, we have continued to grow every year and looking at the following video, our film making has improved considerably as well! During this period we have purchased our own facilities, our membership has grown more than 5 times greater and the quality and breadth of experience we offer to all our members is in a different league!