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Meet the Deer Park Committee & Directors

Roger Crang – Director – Club Development & MIS Representative

As an active member of the Club’s Men-in-Sheds group, Roger loves writing grant applications and supporting Club Development Projects. He prefers field archery despite being average at best! Also a member of the Club’s Short-Mat-Bowls activity and an Archery Coach. As a founder member nobody is more passionate about the success of the Club and it’s members.

Mary Crang – Secretary and Membership Secretary

Mary was one of the founder members in 1996. She is a non shooting member having never lifted a bow yet also an Honorary Life Member due to her services to the club. Mary has held most of the Management Committee roles including a spell as Chairperson. She co-ordinates practice sessions, membership, is part of catering team and anything else that needs sorting out!

Dan Gill – Adult Head Coach

Dan, along with being the club head coach is also a GB Development Squad Coach and supports GB Archers at many overseas events. He has a passion for equipment tuning and enjoys running most of the Beginners Courses. Dan has a wide scope of knowledge including both Compound and Recurve to support individuals development from beginner through performance levels up to National representation.

Steph Gill – Junior Head Coach & Tournament Officer

Steph has represented England and Great Britain at both Recurve and Compound styles. She has been Sports Coach UK Young Coach of the Year and is proven to be outstanding at developing potential at all levels. Steph currently coaches archers from beginners to international standard and demonstrates a real passion for developing talent. Steph manages all the Club coaching activities and especially enjoys the junior only sessions. On top of all that, Steph also supports the Club’s tournament programmes and social activities.

Peter Sisson – Club Welfare & Tournament Officer

Pete has an eclectic portfolio of responsibilities covering Competitions organisation, Safeguarding and Socials. Pete is a very familiar presence, from Archery GB level competitions to beginners “have a go” days, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible and he ensures everyone has the best possible potential of enjoying the experience. As a member of DPA since 2016 Pete doesn’t shoot that much any more as he enjoys organising great shoots for everyone else just as much, if not more.

Liz Dalton – Inclusion Officer

Liz is the clubs inclusion officer ensuring that there are experiential opportunities for anyone who is interested in archery. She shoots barebow, and along with husband John, is mostly found on or near the field course. As a person who has mobility issues at times, Liz loves that the Deer Park course (which she has helped promote) is compact with many of the targets accessible for all. Another big responsibility is for (very nice) cakes and tea during our winter league events.

Chloe A’Bear – Junior Representative

Chloe, as a junior, represents the interests of the junior section to the committee. Chloe has shot regularly at the Friday night junior only sessions for many years. She has experienced the help of many of the club coaches and has risen through the ranks to now represent her country; shooting for GB

John Dalton – Field Archery Rep

John is passionate about field archery, having moved over to the discipline after shooting at National level in other disciplines. He has helped develop participation since 2017 on what is now one of the South Wests most popular venues. Together with wife Liz, John has run an annual winter field league every year (Covid not withstanding) since 2017. Deer Park has become not only a popular field course venue for local archers, but attracts archers of all abilities from all over the UK to it’s tournaments.

Christine Anderton-Lunt –  Director – CASC/GDPR

Andy Champness – Chairperson and Director

Sean Cains – Vice-Chairperson

James Bennett – Head of Finance

Steve Mason – Natural Environment Officer 

Mark Colenutt – Records Officer

Tony Summers – Social  Officer

TBA – Equipment Officer

Kevin Macey – Safety Officer

Caroline A’Bear  – Club Welfare Officer

First of many meetings using our new facility – a lot of new faces since then!.

In addition to the main committee, there are a number of subcommittees to deal with increasingly large aspects of our club. The permanent subcomittees and their members are listed below while others are set up on an ad hoc basis to deal with specific events or issues.

Finance – James Bennett, Christine Anderton, Andy Champness, Roger Crang, Sean Cains.

Competition – Caroline A’Bear, Steph Gill, Steve Mason & Peter Sisson

Social – Lynn Benfield, Steph Gill, Mary Crang, Peter Sisson, Jan & Tony Summers, Fiona Collery

Junior – Steph Gill , Emily Summers

Honorary Life Membership Committee– Peter Sisson, Caroline A’Bear

Mental Health 1st Aiders – TBA