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Safeguarding and Codes of Conduct

“Deer Park Archers fully adopts the principles and procedures defined by Archery GB to provide a duty of care for young people, to safeguard the well being of children and vulnerable adults and protect them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying. We expect ALL members to conform to the Codes of Conduct defined by Archery GB. ”

Agreement between Parent/Legal Guardian and Deer Park Archers Limited.

On registering your child for membership, you will be asked to sign an agreement to work together to ensure we operate the best system we can. This agreement will highlight necessary procedures that look after the best interests of all parties, ensuring the highest standards of safeguarding.


A full copy of Deer Park Archers Limited/Archery GB Policy on Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults is available for inspection from the Club Welfare Officers or it may be accessed directly via the Archery GB website.

All our policies and procedures conform to Archery GB standards and maintained in line with those standards.

The club has 2 Club Welfare Officers;  Caroline A’Bear and Peter Sisson who will generally be present at club sessions or they can be contacted via email ;

At each training venue we also have 4 Safeguarding Officers to ensure all sessions are covered. They are: Steve Mason, Steph Gill, Simon Faulkner and Martin McKay.

Details and procedures are displayed on a notice board at every session.

Also the Gloucestershire Archery Society Child Protection Officer is Vicky Ellis (Telephone 0117 330 7382)

All Coaches have had ‘Safeguarding’ Training and completed the DBS requirements. They are refreshed in line with Archery GB procedures every 3 years. This is also the case for other club volunteers that require appropriate training and DBS Clearance.

We constantly seek to encourage ALL members to display the ‘Behaviors’  described in the following documents which are also displayed on the notice boards at our venues. The following guides are available: Coaches, Parents, Club Officials, Club Members, Juniors.

The club actively encourages members to respect and display appropriate behaviours, where these are not followed, appropriate action will be taken.


Codes of conduct

CODES OF CONDUCT  In easy wording

Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers