Membership and Fees

Comment: When you look at the fees stated below, they may seem complicated, that is because they are!

Explanation: The 3 complicated parts are those mandated by the Governing Body, Region & County, they are not optional and form the bulk of your Annual Affiliation Fee, we do not see that money. What we see is the provision of services from those organisations, with varying levels of value for money!

The Deer Park Archers element of your Annual Affiliation Fee is only £20 for existing members renewing and £20 for new members joining the Club PLUS a once only new members levy of £20. This figure is reduced for family membership.


Gloucestershire is fortunate to have many good archery clubs, each offers something different, so we encourage potential members, to ask questions, visit other clubs and ensure you make the best choices for yourself. Facilities, club culture, session times, coaching capacity, club aims, cost, diversity, inclusivity, competition, recreational and social activities, impact on the environment etc may be important to you. Make sure you check them out before you make your decision. The best way is to visit, talk to existing members, search for information on the web etc.

Please Note – Following a large increase in membership during Sept/October Renewals 2021, other than those graduating from the current Beginners Courses (and those populating the planned Beginners Courses in January 2022) there is a temporary freeze on new membership until our Management Committee (meeting mid November 2021) has discussed potential maximum membership numbers and eligibility criteria. We do not intend to let membership numbers grow to a level that affects the quality of experience we currently offer.

Shooting Members

To be able to shoot with any Archery GB club, individuals must have successfully attended a recognised ‘Beginners Course’. As a club we run regular courses, and also, subject to checking back with other clubs delivering beginners courses and following our own assessment, individuals can join the club. Likewise for individuals that have been out of the sport for a period, we conduct an assessment to identify a development plan and determine the best way forward.

Want to know more about beginners courses offered?

It should be noted that any assessment is about safe practices, particularly range safety and basic technique, we do not turn interested individuals away because they are not shooting high scores!

For juniors under 8, we do conduct a pre-beginners course assessment to ensure they are ready to complete a course.

New Members membership fees for 2021/22 October – October are as follows (the rate for existing AGB members is different):

Affiliation Fees for new members which includes long lapsed, former members who were NOT members in 2020/2021.
Oct 2021/Sept 2022
Senior (age 25+)
Archery GB ( *** for existing members renewing £47.00)£50.00
GAS £12.00
Deer Park£20.00
Total Renewal£88.00
New Member Plus **£20.00
TOTAL ( *** for existing members renewing £105.00) £108.00
Senior (age 18-24 Incl)
Archery GB (for existing members renewing £12.00)£16.00
Deer Park£20.00
Total Renewal£45.00
New Member Plus **£20.00
TOTAL ( *** for existing members renewing £62.00)£65.00
Archery GB (for existing members renewing £12.00)£16.00
Deer Park£20.00
Total Renewal£39.00
New Member Plus **£20.00
TOTAL ( *** for existing members renewing £55.00)£59.00
Disabilities (all)
Archery GB (for existing members renewing £12.00)£16.00
Deer Park£20.00
Total Renewal£36.00
New Member Plus **£20.00
TOTAL ( *** for existing members renewing £52.00)£56.00

** There is currently a new members joining levy (£20) (Max £40 per family). This has been put in place to recognise all the work that existing members have contributed to purchase what is now one of the best archery facilities in the UK! Adjustments may be made for family groups or other exceptional circumstances.

New members Annual Fees (those joining the club for the first time), will be £40 (reducing to £20 on annual renewal). To help families, if more than 2 members, additional new members fees will be charged at just £20 annual first time membership.

If you join anytime from October to March a years fee is payable, after March only 50% of the fee is payable. In our opinion this is a ‘crazy’ rule but that is what Archery GB currently operate to.

Weekly Target Fees

I am sure we all agree that the shooting and membership fees are an absolute bargain for the facilities we offer.  It is £4 for one or more attendances in a given week (‘Pay as you go’). With a reduction to £7 for 2 shooting members from the same family and even less if you opt to pay by standing order! If you do not attend in any given week you pay nothing.

The system of paying by Standing Order is encouraged and does offer reductions (Just £12 per month, reduces to £10 if more than one family member)). Let the Club Secretary ( know if you want to take this option up.

Please note that new members that have graduated from the beginners courses are welcome to use equipment provided by the club, there is no charge for this however the following should be noted:

Equipment (cleaned between users) will remain at the club and will be used for all ‘pay as you go’ members. If members want to take equipment away and be the sole users of that equipment then they will need to pay by standing order for their monthly fee but the hire of equipment remains free of charge. This arrangement is subject to availability of equipment.


Non-Shooting Members

Non-Shooting members are essential to the club’s future, there is no charge for the honour of being a club volunteer and you will be covered by AGB insurance as a volunteer supporter!


Other Memberships Available

Separate membership arrangements apply to those that want to apply to become an Associate Member. Details on application. However, with such a large membership and a very long waiting list for beginners courses we are not currently able to accommodate Associate Membership (August 2021)