Miracle in Shurdington!

It was 2 days before Christmas and the field course was set for the weekend’s next Winter Field League event. That night saw prolonged torrential rain creating a tsunami of water and debris, in places more than a metre deeper than normal and more than 10m wide in other areas! Sweeping 8 of the 10 bridges downstream, some as large as 3 railway sleepers fastened together and secured on pillars with 500mm stakes, washing away stepping stones and several bosses, not to mention areas of pathways, log piles, steps and bridge foundations.

In essence we did not have a field course, so there would be no competition on Boxing Day! It was agreed that this must not be allowed to happen, a volunteer workforce was quickly assembled for Christmas Eve and the process of retrieving railway sleepers, rebuilding foundations and stepping stones, repairing steps and planning a possible course began.

15 Volunteers achieved an amazing transformation on Christmas Eve!

Thanks to some amazing physical team work and a good helping of skill a course was constructed and the event was able to take place. Perhaps in recognition of our efforts the weather was kind and everyone had a great shoot!

The course restoration was completed over the next few days as was a plan formulated to convert all the bridges to swing bridges that will open when pressure builds.

Results from the winter league competition and our domestic league tables can be seen here:

DPA Winter Field League Results and Standings

If you’ve not already booked use this link to book one or more dates at DPA Winter Field Archery League

Whatever the Weather Competition – Dec 28th

Another of our winter league club target day programmes ran with just a light breeze and a blue sky, a contrast to the last fixture which saw heavy rain and high winds.

This event is invitation only and runs with a handicap system and offers qualification and elimination phases at each event. We have invested a great deal of consideration into the handicap system, on this occasion 8 of the 9 head to head matches went to the last arrow to be settled!

Event 2 of 7 the weather was kind!