National / Western Club Shoot

National / Western Club Shoot

On 27th June at 14:00 we are holding a club shoot event.  We will be shooting a National round with the option to continue shooting to complete a Western round.  Everyone will shoot 4 dozen arrows at the longer distance and 2 dozen arrows at the short distance to achieve a National score.  Those that would like to continue shooting to get a Western score will shoot another 2 dozen arrows at the shorter distance.  This will enable you to get 2 scores from the one shoot.

Come and take the opportunity to compete in a relaxed shoot with fellow club members.  There are a variety of distances to suit all abilities, so there’s sure to be something that will suit you.

Long National / Western (80 yds, 60 yds)
National / Western  (60 yds, 50 yds)
Short National / Western (50 yds, 40 yds)
Junior National / Western  (40 yds, 30 yds)
Short Junior National / Western  (30 yds, 20 yds)
Very Short National / Western (20 yds, 10 yds)

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