It seems timely with the launch of our new website (thanks to all those involved) and despite all the challenges our sport is facing, to focus on positive news!

The new website is symbolic of the changing world we will need to operate within, so it is dramatically different to our previous site!

Our men-in-sheds group has restarted!    They now meet regularly every Friday morning.

Finishing touches to the Social Terracing

Some things do not change, 3 weeks ago we programmed a volunteering day at the ground and more than 50 members supported the day, all operating within the prescribed guidelines.

Lots of work to improve our environment

2 recent articles on the Archery GB site have highlighted our success and featured 2 activities that we can be proud of, namely ‘Clubs United – how to share your outdoor range and supporting members to return to shooting.

Attendance at our practice sessions has continued to grow and is now higher than before the lockdown! This is a compliment to the excellent arrangements we have put in place and continue to apply, well above the minimum specified.

Our field course is now ready for the launch of our summer mini league and that is planned to start during the first week of August and we have completed a promotional video to support the continued growth of our field course activities.

Field Course video
Many options to plan courses

We are going to enter a number of teams in this year’s OnTarget Competition which will be done online later this summer.

our very successful 2019 teams!

Elliott’s our most supportive sponsor are well advanced with their new sorting facility which will vastly improve our environment. They are also providing us with materials, manpower and machinery to support two of our major projects preparing our facilities for extended outdoor winter shooting.

providing 250sqm of extra hard standing