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Men In Sheds (Meet most Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings).

Early in 2019 we started a men-in-sheds section based on the National Initiative but very much part of our Deer Park Community Programme.

Time to socialize and work!
Time to socialise and work!

Membership is open to all males 50+ (you do not have to shoot arrows or be an existing member of the club) who would like to meet others with a common aim of establishing friendships, supporting the Club’s aims, using existing skills and learning new ones!

A set of finished steps on the field course.
Also some recycling work!
Also some recycling work!

Our gathering is totally free, fully inclusive and great fun! Mindful of ensuring a positive experience that is sustainable we are growing the club at a fairly conservative pace.  Initially meeting on Friday mornings at our club ground we have now expanded to 5 or 6 mornings! We have made significant progress in completing a workshop and refreshment area as well as taking on a range of projects. Working in teams or as individuals. Projects suitable for all abilities, indoor, outdoor, physical, not so physical and absolutely not physical. All activities provide the opportunity to work together and get a good helping of satisfaction!

Adding wheels to the bosses to make distance changes easier

We always intended to increase the frequency of meetings, increase the membership and extend what we do. Equipment is provided, risk assessments completed, insurance covered and good company guaranteed!

Building the new tournament control centre

Martin M said of Men In Sheds, “I enjoy being a member of a diverse team, with a broad range of skills and experiences, there are no couch potatoes in this team and we all enjoy pleasing our slave driver! Roger in case you are in doubt!

We take on jobs that are important at that time, the club provides the materials, we decide how to do it, from building bridges to fitting gates, planting trees to filling bags with woodchip for the field course.

Finishing touches on the social terracing

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You are also welcome to call 01452 489752 if you would prefer to talk directly. Ask for Roger Crang.