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With our club’s mission and culture very much focused on the development of whole individual, team and family identity, quality of the club experience, recreation has become increasingly important.  In recently years and to some degree as a consequence of having our own ground, recreation has changed from more of an accidental by-product of our activities to something that is now also planned for!

Fun and team building on the field course..
Fun and team building on the field course..

As a by-product, it was very much only connected to archery and our directly related activities and this remains important, if only because there are only the few that are so consumed by archery that nothing else matters! For most, the social, team belonging, friendship groups, family engagement are essential to support and sustain the interest in archery.

Working together having fun.
Working together having fun.

There are two other areas that we now actively develop, firstly those afforded by our own home facilities and secondly those related to our passion to be part of our community.

Home Ground Projects

We are aware that our clay surface can make access to the main ground areas very difficult for those with restricted mobility following any sort of rain.

We have a number of plans in place for which we are seeking funding. Recently we were supported by the Barnwood Trust to build a social terracing area which has become the focal point for all social activities and an access hub for most of our facilities.

Social Terracing
Social Terracing – A great place to watch the shooting or catch up with friends

In 2020 we installed a honeycomb surface in-front of the clubhouse and covered shooting area and also a path to the field course providing the opportunity for wheel chair archers to use elements of the field course!

We also installed floodlighting in front of the covered shooting area!

8 lane floodlit covered shooting area.

Working together to improve our environment may or may not be considered recreational, but we have had a lot of fun doing it.

Bridge making

The opportunities created for recreation are certainly greater for our efforts!

Wonderful grassed safety zone, part of which is to be planted with a meadow flower mix.
Wonderful grassed safety zone, part of which is to be planted with a meadow flower mix.

As a consequence, we have invested time, effort and finance into things like creating pathways and bridges for walks, maintained the wooded areas in an animal/insect friendly way.

Completing the fencing on a crisp morning
Completing the fencing on a crisp morning

Improved Social Gathering Areas

Men-in-sheds Project

We formed a Club early in 2019 aimed at offering the opportunity for men 50+ forming friendships whilst supporting the club aims.

Time to socialize and work!
Time to socialise and work!

Short Mat Bowls Project

We secured all the equipment to start a club using our clubhouse. Our Short Mat Bowls Club has strong links with the men-in-sheds and club members/families but will be open to new participants as well. It is another example of broadening the range of recreational activities we are trying to offer.


Permanent Boule area and BBQ

We have built wonderful Boule Courts and benches to provide yet another recreation and social area.

Boule Courts and rest area, new facility.
Boule Courts and rest area, new facility.

Arrows and adapted kit play area for the under 10’s

Thanks to a Tesco grant we have built an innovative play area to offer something different for our younger members and visitors.

Play Area
Play Area

We do not have any light pollution so astronomy is something that a number members are exploring at the ground. Through the continued hard work and vision of our members we are able to expand both the diversity and quality of the recreation opportunities that our ground affords us!