Solar Generation Stats

Deer Park Archers drive towards a greener future!

In 2022 we decided to launch a project to see if we could produce more electricity than we used. We wanted to achieve this in 2 ways: firstly reduce our consumption and secondly by installing a good sized solar panel array.

We engaged Severn Wye Energy Agency to produce an energy report and with their support we acquired a grant from European Union Target 2030 fund towards replacing all our lighting with LED’s, sensor switches and 66 solar panels controlled by Solar Edge Technology. As part of the plan we opted not to have batteries.

We also applied to our Local Councillor Build Back Better Scheme who were also very supportive.

The final cost of the project was £35K with grants totalling £23K, with our Club contributing the remainder of £12K. This investment clearly demonstrates our commitment to improving our environment, especially in these difficult post COVID times.

66 Solar Panels mounted on our Covered Shooting Area.

Great News! – 3 months after our system was switched on (March 2023) our supplier British Gas increased our export tariff from 6.4P/kW to 15P/kW turning our power generation into an income stream. In the first 6 months we raised more than £1,800 from selling this power back!

This is one of the actions we are taking to make our Club a leader in becoming Greener!

Total kW’s generated since installation in March 2023
Energy Generation Chart for the last 12 months