Tournament Results Roundup – November 2015

TargetResultsHere’s a quick summary of last month’s tournaments and results of club members that competed in them.

It’s great to share experiences and encourages others members to give it a try.  Share your experiences by submitting a short event report via the website for inclusion in future Monthly Result Round-ups. Hopefully this type of report will be the first of many, another example of how we are trying to move with the times!

31st October 2015

Deer Park Archers Saturday Morning Clout Club

CloutOn a beautifully sunny Saturday morning, the second club clout morning took place with 8 archers competing in a Double – One Way – GNAS clout. Garry, Paula and Jack Brewer had a great family tussle, with Dad Garry shooting at 120 yards, Mum at 100 and Jack at 100, with Garry coming out on top with a score of 40. Ella shooting Barebow at 120 yards scored a very good 32. Stacy Smith (Recurve), JB and Roger (Longbow) all shooting at 140 yards. Stacy had an enjoyable shoot with 29. Roger and JB had a good old scrap, with JB ahead 16 to 15 after the single clout but after a couple of blank ends cracked under the pressure and Roger came out on top winning 39 to 29. Kev shooting at 180 yards got some good practice in for a tournament the following day. Even better there is another £24 + gift aid, going into the club fundraising effort.

New County Records set
  • Jack Brewer – Under 16 Boy – Bare Bow – GNAS Single One Way 100 yard Clout – Score 11
  • Ella Gibson – Under 16 Girl – Bare Bow – GNAS Single One Way 100 yard Clout – Score 11
  • Ella Gibson – Under 16 Girl – Bare Bow – GNAS Double One Way 100 yard Clout – Score 32
  • JB Deasy – Gents Longbow GNAS Single One Way 140 yard Clout – Score 16
  • Roger Crang – Gents Longbow GNAS Double One Way 140 yard Clout – Score 39


1st November 2015

Staffordshire County Clout

CloutOn the last day of the outdoor archery season, in one of the last tournaments of the year Kev shot in the Staffordshire County and Open Double – 2 Way – GNAS Clout tournament. Following a foggy start to the day, the tournament started on time. With a slow start and only scoring 1 on the first end, Kev improved to score 57 at the end of the single clout, a new county record by 26 and a new GWAS record by 1. On the second end in the afternoon, one of his arrows was accidently broken by another archer leaving him shooting with 5 arrows. A warning to us all that you ensure you have spare arrows when competing.  At the end of the double his final score was 77 again a county record by 22.

  • 2nd Kevin Sutherland


8th November 2015

Club Portsmouth Target Shoot

ImperialTargetThe online booking system was used again, 32 members half shooting their first indoor competition did really well and there was a host of personal bests and lots of scores to use in the November Challenge.

There was a big feeling of satisfaction with the shoot and everyone is keen to do the next competition!

Winners were as follows
  • Andy Cramb (Gents Recurve)
  • Simon Faulkner (Gents Compound)
  • Roger Craig (Gents Longbow)
  • Rachel Orr (Ladies Barebow)
  • Fin Cummins (Junior Gents Compound)
  • Megan Phelps (Junior Ladies Recurve)
  • Ella Gibson (Junior Ladies Barebow)


Regional Indoor Target Championships

ImperialTargetA small representation from Deer Park this year at the Regional Championships, there was a good mixture of young and old, and all styles of bow types.

As normal Deer Park performed well coming way with a handful of titles, most notable being the Junior Recurve team consisting of Riley Spencer-Nice, Joshua Uzzell and Rachel Lucas winning and in the process beating teams who managed to put in 4 archers to make up a full team.

Our Longbow Gentleman also had a titanic battle all the way through with only a few points in it and only on the last end were the positions decided and John Craigie triumphed by just 7 points!

Winners were as follows
  • James Howse – Adult Compound with 574
  • Phoebe Pine – Junior Ladies Under 18 compound with 530
  • Holly Clifford – Junior Ladies under 14 Compound with 535
  • Riley Spencer-Nice – Junior Gentleman under 12 recurve with 423
  • Rachel Lucas – Junior Ladies under 16 Barebow with 445
  • Holly also won the overall Junior Ladies title.
  • Josh Uzzell finished in 2nd place with a new personal best and Ben Humphries finished 3rd.


Evesham World Record Status FITA18

ImperialTargetOur compounds yet again stole the show, Lucy Mason top scored with 577 winning the Senior Ladies category (she is only 15) and beating a number of international archers in the process! This is a senior GB qualification score.

James Howse won the Senior Gents Regional Championships with a score of 574, again a tremendous score.


15th November 2015

Gloucestershire County Junior Championships

ImperialTargetIn the interest of balance encouraging entries was harder than it should have been and with Deer Park providing 77% of the entries that was disappointing.  Therefore it was not surprising that we took 16 of the 22 titles! Cleve also did very well with 4 of their 6 archers winning! Once again there were more female than male entries, which seems to be a consistent pattern in Gloucestershire. Also there was a good number of first time in formal competition entrants so that is also a positive.

James Howse recorded 590 and Lucy Mason again equaled the National Record with 587. A special mention for Antony Wiseman from Fast & Loose who won the Boys under 18 Recurve, he has switched from left to right handed and adapted really well.

The combination of Club Target Portsmouth shots and this event should hopefully set our juniors up for the British Junior Championships this weekend.


29th November 2015

British Barebow Championships (FITA 18)

ImperialTargetThe British Barebow Indoor Championships is a national tournament held at multiple locations across the country with the results for all events consolidated to decide the final winners.  Barebow Archers are lucky if they have more than a handful of competitors at tournaments and thus it can be difficult to judge how well you shoot.  This tournament provides a stage for Barebow Archers across the country to compete head to head for the final prize of British Barebow Indoor Target Champion.

Rachel Lucas and John Dalton competed from Deer Park and both shot at the Wincanton venue in Somerset.  The venue itself is a little different with the only 4 bosses sitting on a low stage area in a very small hall. Rachel and John shot in the last of 3 sessions on the day at this venue.  Both archers have been struggling to find consistent form since moving indoors, however this didn’t stop them putting in solid performances on the day.  John put in a solid score of 497, setting a new PB and County record and finish 12th of 108 archers overall.  Rachel finished on a solid score of 473 just a few points behind her personal best and finish a well deserved 1st place not just in her age category, but the highest junior score of the Tournament.  A terrific result for Rachel and very well deserved.  Well Done!!!

  • 1st – Rachel Lucus (Junior Ladies) – British Junior Champion U16 & U18.
  • 12th – John Dalton (Senior Gents)


Club Portsmouth Target Shoot


Due to demand a 9th boss was used but unfortunately we still had to turn members away! So a full target list to shoot a Portsmouth round on 8 of the bosses with the remaining one set for the FITA18 round. To add to the excitement we decided to use the magnificent club trophies for each of the bow types, adult and junior.

Another successful shoot with lots of personal bests, Ted Williams shooting Barebow with a score of 353 and Amelia Williams shooting in her first competition with 407.  All great practice ready for next weekends British Junior Championships.

36 archers shot in this weeks Club Target Competition.

36 archers shot in this weeks Club Target Competition.

Ella Gibson won the junior barebow (490) with Ted Williams in second.

Ella Gibson won the junior barebow (490) with Ted Williams in second.

Riley Spencer-Nice (11) won the junior recurve with 534.

Riley Spencer-Nice (11) won the junior recurve with 534.

Andy Cramb and Christine Atherton both scored 547 winning the recurve trophy.

Andy Cramb and Christine Atherton both scored 547 winning the recurve trophy.

John Craigie won the Longbow with 361 0n a FITA18.

John Craigie won the Longbow with 361 0n a FITA18.


33rd Redditch COA , Tony Greenwell Memorial (Stafford) 


Martin Tucker shooting recurve was our sole competitor at this event in Kingsley Redditch. This is an indoor shoot of 6 dozen arrows shooting at 30m metres on a 80cm face with Metric scoring. Martin shooting his first every Stafford scored 598, this was after competing in the club Target day earlier in the morning at Balcarras School where he shot a Portsmouth round, meaning he shot over 144 arrow in the day. He would recommend this tournament to anyone who fancies shooting something different.


That’s it for this months Results Roundup.  Remember to submit your tournament summaries to be included in next months edition. Well done to everyone competing this month.  Many great results to celebrate long may it continue.

Interested in competing?

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