Tournament Successes Continue!

A weekend of competing and preparing to compete for many of our members has meant a busy time for many. With Grace flying out to Sardinia to compete in the European Para Archery Cup, Lucy & James at the Masters in Lilleshall and many others at the Cleve & Minchinhampton Tournaments you would have thought practice sessions would have been quiet, but that was not the case.

With all this competition there was some real success, a team of 15 competed at Minchinhampton, who again organised an excellent event and there were lots of individual successes and a team of Simon, Christine & Molly won the team trophy.

Some of our archers competing at Minchinhampton

Some of our archers competing at Minchinhampton

There were individual wins for Adrian Stockwell who set a new County Record for the Hereford Longbow with 578 and achieved a 3 gold end at 80yds and also for Josh Uzzell, Molly Peters, Holly Clifford, Chloe A’Bear, Andy Clifford and Amelia Williams.

Simon Faulkner, Christine Anderton, Alex Parker, Martin Hutchings and Martin Tucker finished as runners-up. Graham Peters who recorded a PB and Rosie Preece won Bronze medals meant it was a very successful shoot.

Adrian Stockwell, hitting great form, another victory and county record!

Adrian Stockwell, hitting great form, another victory and county record! Picture showing 3 Gold end at 80 yds!

James Howse finished 10th in the 50m qualification at the UK Masters and then went on to win the H2H, which is an amazing performance. James finished again finished 10th on 1440 on the Sunday giving him a final placing of 6th overall. He was so close to a podium finish, just a further 3 points in the 1440 where he scored 1351 would have seen him achieve that!

Lucy Mason also achieved a similar set of results, finishing 9th in the 50m qualification and 3rd in the H2H and 6th in the 1440 giving a final position of 5th, again just a couple of more points would have made a real difference!

School Games L2 Finals almost complete.

 Just 2 events left, with the final heats of the Forest District on Wednesday and the Gloucester Finals on Friday at our Ground. Completing the line-up for the L3 County Finals at Hartpury on the 15th & 16th June.

 Beginners Courses start this week

Another round of beginners courses start this week at Birdlip