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Whilst being able to show that we are an Ontarget Performance, in reality the measure of that accolade is real results, well as evidenced below, we get the results. Add to that the value added to those that just want to enjoy the sport and the framework we uses does work!

We are creating a gallery of all our British Champions, those that have broken British Records, those that have represented their country or gained significant recognition and notable awards the club has received.

Our achievements as a ClubMark Club & being the first club to achieve the Ontarget Specialisms of Community, Performance & Young People are cornerstones that have helped us achieve all of the following.

Honorary Life Membership of Deer Park Archers

We have agreed a set of criteria and an Awards Panel that will review annually members who meet those criteria. The bar is set high and include the requirement to have won either Olympic/Paralympic Gold or World Championship Titles and produced a sustained level of performance as well as meeting other criteria including contributing to the club’s activities. In line with the club ethos there is also a set of criteria for non shooting members.

Current (Nov 2022) Honorary Life Members

Phoebe Paterson Pine MBE

Lucy Mason

James Howse

Mary Crang – Our first non shooting volunteer!

Paralympic Champion

Phoebe Paterson Pine MBE

2021 Paralympic Games Individual Compound W2 Gold medallist & Ranked No1 in the World 2022!

Senior World Record Holders

Ella Gibson broken 2 Senior World Records.

World Champions and/or ranked No1 in the World

Ella Gibson – World No1 Ladies Compound
Phoebe Pine MBE – World Paralympic Compound Ladies Ranked No1
Lucy Mason World Champion!

Lucy Mason

2017 Individual Cadet Compound World Champion

James Howse

2017 Junior Compound Mixed Team World Champion with Sarah Moon

James Howse & Sarah Moon - World Champions!

James Howse & Lucy Mason

2015 World Mixed Team Cadet Compound Bronze Medallists


European Individual & Team Champions

Lucy Mason – Individual & Team

James Howse – Team

Ella Gibson – Team

Holly Clifford – Runner Up Team

Grace Chappell – Individual and Runner Up Team

Chloe A’Bear – Runner Up Team


World Cup & European Cup Medallists

Chloe A’Bear, Grace Chappell, Holly Clifford, Steph Crang, Ella Gibson, James Howse, Tom Howse, Lucy Mason & Phoebe Pine


Represented GB

Chloe A’Bear, Sarah Bettles, Grace Chappell, Holly Clifford, Steph Crang, John Dalton, Ella Gibson, Rob Gruar, James Howse, Tom Howse, Lucy Mason, Phoebe Pine, Riley Spencer-Nice

Rob Gruar shot Compound for GB

Steph Crang represented GB in the world Cup at Dover and in Commonwealth Championships.

Won Team Silver and Bronze.

Tom Howse 2013 GB Junior Team Europa Cup

Phoebe Pine is part of the Para Squad working towards Tokyo. She has been on numerous international trips with the Para squad but also won team silver in the Junior Compound World Championships.

Phoebe Pine, represented GB in Holland in 2015.
Grace Chappell representing the GB Para Squad!

Grace Chappell has represented the GB Para Squad and now the able bodied squad in one international so far, where she won European Youth Cup Gold, Team and further individual medals!

Sarah Bettles, joined our club in 2017, represented GB on Numerous Occasions.

Sarah Bettles, joined our club in 2017, represented GB on Numerous Occasions.
Ella Gibson, selected for GB in 2018.

Ella Gibson

First selected for GB in 2018, she is now a regular in both the Senior and Junior Great Britain team and has shot at both the Youth and Senior World Championships. 2022 finished runner up in the World Cup Final.

Holly Clifford made her debut for GB 2018. She has been part of winning teams at the European Championships and European Youth Cups.

Holly Clifford making debut for GB 2018.

John Dalton represented GB at the World 3D Championships 2019 in Canada

Chloe A’Bear made her GB debut in Slovenia in 2019, finishing in the Top 8 and returning with a team medal


Represented England

Chloe A’Bear, Steph Crang, Holly Clifford, Ella Gibson, Chris Gruar, Lucy Mason, Molly Peters, Ryan Faulkner, Grace Chappell, Louise Bassett and Emily Summers.


Broken World Records!

Ella Gibson, Lucy Mason and Phoebe Pine!

Ella a Senior World Record!

Ella Gibson broke the World Archery 18 record with a score of 596 in the World Cup in Luxembourg in December 2019

Lucy Mason – Member of a World Record Breaking Team.

Lucy Mason - Member of a World Record Breaking Team.
Phoebe Pine - Mixed Pairs World Record

Phoebe Pine – Mixed Pairs World Record


National Champions

Chloe A’Bear, Dylan Beckinsale-Smith, Harriet Beckinsale-Smith, Sam Bowden, Sashi Bush, Eliza Cass, Amy Clarke, Holly Clifford, Imogen Colenutt, Steph Crang, Grace Curran, Nicole Deasy, Ryan Faulkner, Alex Fraser, Callum Fraser, Ella Gibson, Chris Gruar, Rob Gruar, Izzy Henry, James Howse, Amy Johnson, Rachel Lucas, Ciaran Lunt, Lucy Mason, Jack Oram, Phoebe Pine, Hamish Ponton, Katy Reece, Kieran Schneider, Riley Spencer-Nice, Emily Summers, Alfie Wilkes and Ted Williams.

Steph Crang (Recurve & Compound), Ella Gibson (Barebow & Compound) and Riley Spencer-Nice (Barebow & Recurve) have all become National Champions in two different bow types.

Chloe A'Bear British Champion 2017

Chloe A’Bear

British Champion 2017

Ella Gibson

British Champion in two bow types (Barebow and Compound) and in two archery disciplines (Target and Field) and on numerous occasions!

Ella Gibson British Champion 2 bow types and numerous occasions!
Sam Bowden broke numerous National records and won many titles shooting barebow in 2022


Members of National Squads (Current or past)

Sarah Bettles, Anthony Booth, Sophia Boulton, Grace Chappell, Holly Clifford, John Dalton, Ella Gibson, Liza Hadley, Connie Healey, James Howse, Tom Howse, Ed Humphrey, Ben Humphries, Beckie Hutchings, James Lawton, Lucy Mason, Alex Parker & Riley Spencer-Nice


Coaches to National Squads

Dan Gill & Steph Gill


National Record Holders

Sam Bowden, Holly Clifford, Steph Crang, Grace Curran, Nicole Deasy, Ryan Faulkner, Victoria Fraser, Katherine Frusher, Ella Gibson, Chris Gruar, Rob Gruar, James Howse, James Lawton, Rachel Lucas, Harriet Lygoe, Lucy Mason, Lily Partridge, Aaron Pearce, Phoebe Pine, Hamish Ponton, Riley Spencer-Nice, Emily Summers, Paige Tucker and Alfie Wilkes.

Riley Spencer-Nice

British Record September 2012 Gloucestershire Junior Championships

Club Awards

2010 Gloucestershire Sports Media Awards Young Club of the Year

Sport & Recreation Alliance National Club of the Year 2010/11

ClubMark Achieved 2010

Junior Club of the Year Winners in the Gloucestershire Media Awards 2010

Archery GB Ontarget Award for Innovation in Archery 2011

Senior Club of the Year in the Gloucestershire Media Awards 2011

Sport & Recreation Alliance National Volunteer Management Award 2012

Sport & Recreation Alliance National Club of Year and Green Policies Awards – Top 3 Finalists.

Senior Club of the Year in the Gloucestershire Media Awards 2012

Archery GB Club of the Year 2012

Innovation Award – Archery GB 2013

Finalist in the 2014 Gloucestershire Media Awards – Junior Team of Year

Ontarget winners of Innovation and Partnerships awards 2015

Awarded Sport & Recreation Alliance Special Commendation 2015

Finalist Gloucestershire Media Awards Community Club of Year 2015.

Finalist Gloucestershire Media Awards – Community Club of the Year and Young Team of the Year 2016

Ontarget Club of the Year 2016, 2018 & 2021

Finalist Gloucestershire Media Awards – Female Team of the Year 2017

ClubMark Re-accreditation 2017

Ontarget Performance Club of the Year 2016 & 2022

2018 Presented the first Archery GB Ontarget Special Contribution Award, 2020 received a second award!

2018 Gloucestershire Media Junior Team of Year Finalist


County/Regional/National Recognition

Roger Crang – GWAS Services to Archery Award 2007 &  Archery GB, Jack Flinton’ Helping Hand’ Award 2009

Lucy Mason – Gloucestershire Media Awards Finalist – Young Sports Personality of the Year 2011

Steph Gill – Gloucestershire Media Awards – Coach of the Year 2011

Roger Crang – Gloucestershire Media Awards Finalist – Services to Sport – 2011, 2012 & 2013

Roger Crang – Archery GB Ontarget Clubperson of the Year Award – 2011

Steph Gill – Winner of the Sports Coach UK, Heather Crouch Young Coach of the Year Award 2011

Lucy Mason – Gloucestershire Media Awards – Young Sports Personality of the Year 2012

Roger Crang – BBC Sports Unsung Hero Regional Award (Points West) 2012

Liza Hadley – Archery GB Young Volunteer of the Year 2012  & Gloucester Young Citizen of the Year

Ciaran Lunt – Archery GB Young Volunteer of the Year Award 2013

Katherine Frusher – Ontarget winner of Young Volunteer of the Year 2015

Phoebe Pine – Finalist Gloucestershire Media Awards Disabled Athlete of the Year 2015

Roger Crang – Gloucestershire Media Awards – ‘Services to Sport in Gloucestershire’ Winner 2015

Roger Crang - Services to sport in Gloucestershire

Lucy Mason – Gloucestershire Media Awards – Young Sports Personality of the Year 2017

Steph & Dan Gill – Gloucestershire Media Awards – Coaches of the Year 2018

Ella Gibson – 2021 Archery GB Special Award for services to our Sport

Phoebe Paterson Pine MBE – Archery GB Gussy Trophy – Service to promoting disability sport.

Steph GillFinalist UK Coaching Talent Development Coach of the Year 2022 (TBA)


Clubman of the Year Awards

2008 – Janet Taylor

2009 – Roger Crang

2010 – John Craigie

2011 – Steve Mason

2012 – Dan Gill

2013 – Mel & Kev Sutherland

2014 – Kate Lawton, Steve Howse & Roger Crang

2015 – Mary Crang

2016 – Lynn Benfield

2017 – Peter Pawley

2018 – Steph Gill

2019 – Peter Sisson

2020 – Roger Topps & Vanessa Crang

2021 – Coaching Team

2022 – Men-in-Sheds

2023 – John & Liz Dalton

Young Clubman of the Year

2014 – Chloe Tucker

2015 – Paige Tucker

2016 – Paige Tucker

2017 – Imogen Colenutt

2018 – Keiran Macey

2019 – Emily Summers

2021 – Laura and Matthew Turner

2022 – Jemima Hollingworth

2023 – Emily Summers

Laura & Matthew Turner – 2021 Young Club Persons of the Year

2022 – Jemima Hollingworth

Jemima Hollingworth – 2022 Young Clubperson of the Year


Achieved Grand Master Bowman Status

Steph Crang, Sarah Bettles, Lucy Mason, Ella Gibson & Kevin Macey


Achieved Junior Master Bowman Status

James Howse, Tom Howse, Alex Fraser, Callum Fraser, Lucy Mason, Arron Pearce, Beckie Hutchings, Steph Crang, Rob Gruar, Amy Johnson, James Lawton, Liza Hadley, Hamish Ponton, Nicole Deasy, Rachel Lucas, Holly Clifford, Charlotte Lunt, Riley Spencer-Nice, Phoebe Pine, Molly Peters, Will Gore, Alex Parker, Chloe A’Bear, Grace Chappell, Imogen Colenutt, Emily Summers, Rosie Preece, Ryan Faulkner, Sophia Boulton, Harriet Beckinsale-Smith ans Louise Bassett.


Represented the County

The list is too long to include, both Juniors & Adults.


Won County & Regional Titles

Again the list is massive, well done to all those that achieved them!


We are proud that we have helped so many to achieve their dreams and fulfil their potential, there are many more not listed as their aims were different and many more in the pipeline that will be added to these lists!