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Development Centre – Sunday 18th November

The best session so far! Nearly 40 of our juniors, 9 coaches and an introduction to our Fitness & Conditioning Programme, which is being externally resourced, supported a very enthusiastic group of club juniors. What is becoming abundantly clear is the progress both the juniors and our coaches are making and the levels of support that our parents are providing, the future is looking very bright!

The format was built around pre-arranging time slots that the individual coaches had booked with their allocated archers to provide some focused coaching, so the load was spread with archers coming and going throughout the session. During the programme there was some fun warm up sessions led by Matt our Fitness & Conditioning Coach, which parents were also invited to join!

Coaches referred their individual archers to Matt to outline specific exercises to support their development, use of video analysis was also used widely.

Want to see a little of what went on then click on the links below.

Fun Warm Ups 1      Fun Warm Ups 2     Fun Warm Ups 3

Day 3 of a Level 1 Coaching Course was also taking place in an adjacent classroom.

County Junior Squad Team Building Social

On the Friday Steph had organized a Junior Squad Ten Pin Bowling evening, which involved many of our juniors. Several of which were half way home before they realized that they were still wearing the bowling shoes! Not going to mention names, however Ciaran, Charlotte & Will took slightly longer to get home.

What a team!

A great evening.

BBC at Deer Park

David Passmore – BBC Points West Sports Correspondent was with us from 11am until 5pm on the Friday, filming at Bubbs Hill in the morning at our Balcarras after-school club in the afternoon. Can we thank all the juniors and their schools for giving them the time off in the morning and likewise all the senior members who took time off to shoot. During the morning we also hosted a visit from a day care centre that we have worked with on many occasions. Keep your eyes open for the article on Points West News in the near future.

Club Website

We are in the process of adding video to various pages, covering some of the work the club does in the community and also showing action from each of our indoor practice venues.

British Indoor Championships

The target list is out, good luck to all our members shooting, we have 25 juniors shooting on the Saturday our biggest number todate!